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Creating green corridors under overhead lines

Award "Sustainable Partnerships" for the LIFE Elia-RTE project

The LIFE Elia-RTE project just won one of the two "Sustainable Partnerships" award attributed by The Shift in the framework of a Belgian competition (see video).

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Award Natura 2000 for the LIFE Elia-RTE project !

The LIFE Elia-RTE project just won the Natura 2000 Award in the "Reconciliation of interests/perceptions" category !

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Natura 2000 day and LIFE Elia-RTE

May 21st is the Natura 2000 network European day. For this occasion, our team organized a special day for the staff of business manager of Elia, the Belgian electricity transmission system operator.

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Project Actions


Currently, in the majority of our work areas, the corridors created in the forests to allow the...

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This action aims to help safeguard and increase the number of very local species of fruit trees....

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Peatlands, moors

Moors and peatlands are some of the most threatened habitats in Western Europe. Not only are they...

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In the forest environment, ponds are relatively rare habitats. They become filled in naturally...

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Invasive species

The spread of invasive species is a phenomenon that is increasingly growing thanks to both the...

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In the wettest and most open areas at the bottom of valleys, generally occupied by megaforbs (wet...

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Simple flower meadows

In agricultural areas the benefits from fertilisers have been causing natural meadows to disappear...

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All our project actions

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Gérard Jadoul
General coordination


Christophe Bauffe
Actions coordination


Jean-François Godeau
Scientific coordination and mapping


Simon de Voghel
European Networking and Communication


Sébastien Pirot
Field operator


Mathieu Derume
Field operator


Pierre Clerx
Field operator


Johan Mortier
Account manager at Elia


Viviane Degret
Account manager at RTE