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After life

The ultimate goal of this LIFE project is to integrate practices that promote biodiversity into the management practices of ELIA, RTE and other electricity transmission system operators. Once economic profitability has been theoretically proven, through practical validation, we will have the strongest arguments to establish our proposed management practices into becoming part of the routine.

Therefore, we must draw up an "After LIFE" plan both for the Belgian and French sites.

Not only will this plan seek to guarantee that restoration measures are sustainable, but it will also ensure that there is a continuation of active biodiversity management underneath high-voltage power lines both by ELIA/RTE personnel and by those from DNF/ONF and other French partners.

It will also seek to guarantee the durability of communication tools (the website) and training tools (vade mecum for electricity companies and owners/managers) and guarantee that they will continue to be promoted in other European Union countries.

The "After LIFE" plan will be available to download from this website when the project has finished (summer 2016).

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The project