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Training modules for ELIA and RTE staff

In order to enable ELIA and RTE to continue the sustainable and positive management of the environment that the project intends to develop, we will be organising training sessions for the staff concerned.

This point is particularly important for the After LIFE programme. Indeed, at various levels of the company structure within the electricity transmission system operators, there is a need to ensure that staff have correctly integrated issues relating to biodiversity and have been able to accept them in their daily management practices. Training the staff thus provides a solution to this sustainability issue of the LIFE project investment.


These training activities for ELIA and RTE staff will be held regularly during the duration of the project both for the heads of the geographic regions and for people working on the ground who are directly responsible for the maintenance and management of the lines.


The training will be divided into four broad topics:

  • 1. Species and habitats
  • 2. Legislation
  • 3. Management techniques
  • 4. Creating partnerships with other people involved with the countryside

These training sessions will be organised by the LIFE project staff in collaboration with the environmental departments of the two companies and will provide explanations on the issues and benefits that high-voltage power lines can present for the promotion of biodiversity.

The staff from the environmental and technical departments of the two companies will be trained in recognising sensitive species and habitats, in the obligations resulting from European and national directives, in the management techniques that promote biodiversity and in the seasons during which interventions underneath the lines cause the least possible disturbance to habitats and species.

A directly applicable training module will be sent to these people so that they themselves can then pass on this training more locally, in France and in Belgium. An offer will be made to other European operators so that they might also benefit from the training module created for the LIFE+ ELIA project. This will be presented to them during decentralised meetings in different regions of Europe (20 meetings planned for the 5 years of the project).