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Information signs

The intersections between high-voltage power lines and paths or roads are ideal places to inform a large number of people about the developments being carried out by the electricity transmission system operators as part of the LIFE project.

Informative signs will therefore be best placed there; they will explain and illustrate the purpose of the LIFE project and the nature of the work being carried out.

They will present the LIFE project in general, the environments and the species targeted, the need for restoring and managing the sites, the initial results and the benefits of an approach that integrates different rural activities (nature conservation, agriculture, silviculture and hunting).

These various signs will be placed near sites that are completely restored, that is to say in spring 2016. Temporary signs could nevertheless be erected, on a less permanent support, while the work is being carried out in order to explain why it is happening.

In the Walloon region, 15 large-sized signs and 15 small-sized signs will be put up.

We also plan to erect one sign at each of the 8 French sites that are part of the project.