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Actions | Preparatory actions

Preparing management plans

Drafting the management plans will be one of the most important parts of the project by far since its impact will last much longer than the project itself.

A management plan consists of forecasting all of the management interventions which can or must be made on a site over a long period (until the plan is amended or abrogated).

Given that the project area stretches across different natural regions and concerns a wide variety of habitats, it is clear that drafting management plans will require rigorous and structured preparation so that all of the local parameters can be taken into account.

This preparatory phase will initially consist of defining the document types that will serve as frameworks for drafting specific management plans. This method of work will then be clear in the eyes of the various stakeholders (owners, managers, etc.) and will guarantee the quality of the final result. Consequently, we will be able to start drafting management plans and continue to do so for the duration of the project.

The management plans will be adopted and implemented before the end of the project (and will therefore also be legally operational).