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Actions | Preparatory actions

Scheduling restoration actions

A project such as this one requires a precise planning of the actions that are to be taken.

These are very varied and will extend over both time and geographical space.

This preparatory step therefore aims to define the arrangement of actions that need to be carried out. The goal is to streamline investments (e.g. start up two identical actions in the same region at the same time) and to respect the logical order for implementing the actions (e.g. planting a flower meadow after heavy machinery has finished accessing the site).

It is important to proceed using a 'horizontal' analysis of all of the actions in order to start with the operations which must be put in place in the earliest stages of the project. For example, the most visible actions or those associated with communication activities must also be put in place rapidly.

Localising the areas affected will depend on the opportunities for collaboration with managers and owners. Our approach will consist of convincing these managers to be extremely respectful of the new Forestry Code, the stipulations of Natura 2000 and the standards defined by the PEFC, where applicable.


This calendar for implementing actions will feature a priority scale for the sites in the project area.

In connection with this calendar, the data will be available in the form of geographic information layers whose attributes will mainly show the most convenient dates (or periods), the constraints or possibilities (related to the site, to potential disruptions, etc.).