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Watching towers

By definition, safety corridors for high-voltage power lines act as enormous firebreaks traversing the forest: they offer long-range views and may be an opportune place for observing wild fauna living in the forest environment.

In three places where a road crosses a high-voltage power line developed as part of the LIFE project, watchtowers or viewing shelters will be constructed as part of the project.

They will serve as rest and observation points for walkers and will be positioned in such a way to offer wide views of the countryside and wildlife so that large fauna and avifauna can be observed.

Deer will come there to graze and to bell, foxes will come to hunt voles on the moor, under the gaze of rustic livestock that maintain the moor through pasture. Shrikes nesting nearby will come there to hunt for viviparous lizards and little grebes could even nest on some of the newly created large ponds.

These shelters will also be ideal places to put informative signs relating to the LIFE project and the developments that are being carried out there.

As with the educational signs, we plan to set up these viewing areas during 2016.