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Actions | Awareness-raising actions


The video is an excellent means of communicating messages and the old adage that says that a picture is worth a thousand words is absolutely correct.

A video of roughly 13 minutes will be produced throughout the LIFE project. It will illustrate the project, the restoration work undertaken and the partners associated with it by focusing on the human aspect and the extremely varied actors participating in the venture.

It will also help visualise the results of the management actions both in terms of the countryside and in terms of biodiversity.

This video will form a part of the educational material for the CRIE (Centre Régional d'Initiation à l'Environnement - Regional Centre for Environmental Education) in the Walloon region.

It will serve as a training aid for the sessions with ELIA staff on After LIFE. This video will therefore have to combine the more technical aspects for the staff from companies managing the high-voltage power lines with a look geared more towards the general public informing them of the issues surrounding new forms of management of the lines in the interests of safeguarding biodiversity.

It will be uploaded to this website as soon as the project has finished.