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Doubs (25)

  • Action: Management through pasture
  • Region: Franche-Comté
  • Biogeographical region: Continental
  • Partners: ONF, District of Vuillecin, woodland grazing association, DCO for the Environment and coordinator N2000
  • Site location: District of Vuillecin (25300)
  • Land tenure status: Forest managed by ONF, land belongs to District of Vuillecin
  • Protection status of the area: None, but near to a N2000 site

Ecological interest in the area

Located close to the Drugeon river, an initial analysis of the sites focuses on the presence of peatlands and related environments but also on the presence of habitats such as meadows and grasslands. The particular interest in this area is that an ancient forested section situated between pylons 57 and 58 hosts a eutrophic mountain hay meadow with lady's mantle and soft brome (Alchemilla monticola - bromus mollis, Natura 2000 code: 6520-4, Corine code: 38.3).

The interest in this habitat has been strengthened by the presence of entomological species linked to the meadow or grassland environments; these include butterfly species such as the large blue (Maculinea arion) and the mountain alcon blue (Maculinea rebeli).

When the project was being drawn up, there were plans to install an infrastructure that would allow the course of the line to be used for pasture. Following an initial site visit with elected representatives and other local actors, it was decided to also plant edges there, as well as wild apple trees from fruit gathered here and cultivated in the LIFE project nurseries. The possibility for a more favourable environment for agriculture will also be examined.

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