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Lot et Garonne (47)

  • Action: Creating ponds
  • Region: Lot and Garonne
  • Biogeographical region: Atlantic
  • Partner: Departmental Federation of hunters of Lot and Garonne
  • Site location: in the Districts of Duras and Savignac de Duras
  • Protection status of the area: Natura 2000 -Dropt water system


Ecological interest in the area

The presence of artificial ponds whose ecological interest seems to be able to be improved by an adapted form of management.

The habitats in this humid area are:

- Mesotrophic water bodies (Corine code: 22.12)

- Bramble thickets (Corine code: 31.831)

- Thickets (Corine code: 31.8)

- Atlantic and subatlantic humid meadows (Corine code: 37.21)

- Meadows with Agropyron and Rumex (Corine code: 37.24)

- Humid meadows in transition to tall grasses (Corine code: 37.25)

- Mesophile grasslands (Corine code: 38)

- Meadows with lowland forage (Corine code: 38.2)

- Aquitanian ash-oak and oak-hornbeam forests (Corine code: 41.22)

- Post-cultural ash woods (Corine code: 41.39)

- Beds of large sedges (Corine code: 53.2)

- Other broadleaved deciduous plantations (Corine code: 83.325)

Meadows with lowland forage are a priority habitat.